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The Future of High Speed Internet technology With Fiber Optics

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Fiber optic cabling is capable of sending undiluted, completely pure signals down its whole length so if you can get a fiber optic cable run to your door then you can technically achieve mega high speed internet, with signal strengths and clarities the same in your home as they were when they left their transmitter.

So why doesn’t everyone have fiber optic cable running into their home already? Simply put money. The cost of cable communications providers running fiber optic cable anywhere is insanely high so while the technology itself is clearly the future of high speed signal reception in all formats, the chances of it becoming genuinely available to home users are still relatively far off.

High Speed Internet technology

That said, Verizon already runs a fiber optic home internet service called FiOS which provides digital TV and telephony as well. FiOS has a theoretical maximum download speed of 150 Mbps, which makes it one of the fastest plans on the market, if not the fastest already. FiOS is as expensive as you would expect for a fiber optic service in America its highest speed package costs just shy of $200 per month, and that’s without the potential extra expenses of pay per view events or added equipment.

The speed, for the users who own it, is worth every cent whether it would be worth it for you is another matter. As with all investment decisions, you can only invest in the first place the amount that you can afford to lose. When you run high speed internet into your home on a fiber optic cable, you have enough speed and data capacity to do use the internet as it is intended to be used or rather, as it is evolving to be used.

Modern net use is all about the cross channel applicability of its component parts. So you might be shopping for socks on one website and have the ability to tell all the people in your social network about the great deals you have found, without leaving the page you are on; or you may be able to engage in multi-user debates about media you are consuming, debates that will show up on various social portals and review sites, again without your ever having to navigate away from what you are doing.

The advent of social media has made the internet more connected to itself. The relationship between completely different sites has been made clear. The glue is user’s if you go to one site and then onto another you recreating a pattern of use that defines who you are online. With the high speed internet and powerful connections made possible by fiber optic technology, that pattern can be exploited to give you more of what you want ways, in other words, of consuming the net that you haven’t even dreamed of.

As fiber optic technology comes down in price it is slowly starting to happen now, with UK communications companies trialing home fiber optic technology this year and next the full capabilities of the net will open for us all. Who knows where this brave new world will lead us?

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