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5 Helpful SEO Tricks

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Every year SEO gets more intricate, as Google rolls out update after update and changes the rules of the game. This can be especially irritating for small business owners who lack the time and/or resources to stay current in, what they believe to be, a rather confusing industry. For this reason, we offer you 5 lovely tricks that might help you score more business through good old organic search rankings.

5 Helpful SEO Tricks

Onsite SEO is necessary yet insufficient

Yes, optimizing title tags, site structure and load-speed do matter. There have been many proofs that these elements are in the Google algorithm, but you needn’t worry – simply hire someone to run an assessment and finely tune up your site and move on. You should know that far too many small businesses get stuck at the very start of their ventures.

Website Content & Experience are Crucial

We all know that content is essential, but what does that really mean? A website simply must have enticing content for the end-user and be sure the importance of this can’t be overstated. It will impact various things, as engaging content is more likely to be shared and linked to. It is also critical because it orients the small business webmaster towards offering something valuable. Conversely, poor content leaves an ugly mark, both onsite and offsite.

Create Backlinks

Most small business owners are clever enough to know that the vast majority of their search engine rankings are the result of backlinks. Being pragmatic, they then wonder where they can score some. Well, DON’T buy them- it also makes a bad impression. Instead, small business marketers need to earn links, and content marketing is tremendously effective for gaining them. The trick is in the trade, as something of value must be offered. Quality content containing information, controversy, humor, politics or training usually brings backlinks – and is most definitely regarded as acceptable SEO.

Know Your Backlink Profile

There has been constructive debate recently about the changing role of anchor text in the Google algorithm. Even if its importance is fading, it is clearly still a factor. Small companies should know their backlink profiles. A lack of branded anchors and brand mentions is a clear signal of manipulation, and a likely rank killer. Healthy businesses market their brands through press releases and are talked about in forums by their name. Be sure that this all leaves a good footprint. Co-citation is also a sign of a natural, spontaneous backlink profile. Healthy companies are mentioned in the same paragraph as other healthy brands. Articles with a single anchored link to a website with low domain authority stick out like disgustingly. Google can spot these insubstantial articles and will weigh the links accordingly.

Generate Buzz through Community Building

While the term link bait might sound overused, it is not considered an unacceptable activity by Google. This is chiefly because the activity is aimed toward creating a positive experience for end-users. Without a community element, this practice is hard to distinguish from content marketing. Developing a community is best done onsite and it is perhaps the best link bait of all because the community starts to develop content in ways no SEO consultant could ever dream of. It is truly organic, extremely natural and quite spontaneous and it does help SEO.

All that we listed here are some guidelines for successful SEO campaign, but bear in mind that this is the industry that changes almost on a daily basis and that probably the best decision would be to hire an affordable SEO company rather than doing your own SEO and end up paying it more than you bargained for.

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