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Why am I interested in a Dedicated Server?

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When we decided to work in the cloud have to take some important decisions and one of them is deciding between shared or dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is a good option if you want to begin to be on the Internet because of its good price / quality ratio. But we must take into account several aspects: server operating system, resources (disk space, data transfer, email accounts, FTP accounts, programming systems available to make your own applications, the standard applications (sending forms, forums, chat, statistics, graphs, etc.), and databases available.

Use a dedicated server for exclusive use for the project we are doing can be a good idea sometimes. Are you working with Personal or Confidential Data and Safety is Key for you? A dedicated server is the best option, as in the shared hosting some users may get to see the private data of others if the provider has not implemented adequate security measures.

Having a dedicated server solves these problems and prevents us because there will be more users with access to the same system and the client can run your security policy or shield their data. Do you have a Website or Online Store in which you have to keep Records of a Large Volume of Users, Products or Items? It is also convenient to have a VPS Hosting.

Dedicated Server

The databases that require a lot of space on the disk or power-intensive applications with CPU cycles may require more resources than a shared server can offer. In this case a dedicated server can have multiple versions of hardware and you can choose the configuration that best suits the needs of your project. Do you have to do email Marketing Campaigns and Need to make many Mass Mailings? The network flow will also need more requests to the server and also increase.

In this case if you have a dedicated server can send more emails per minute without overwhelming the server. The same goes if you have a page in which you expect to be many downloads (applications, documents) Your Business Develops and Implements Applications and is interested to install on the Server? In this case also suggest that you use a dedicated server and shared hosting that applications can use CGI or ASP type, but as long as you can upload them via FTP. If you want to upload more complex applications need to install on the machine as an administrator, and these privileges, for security reasons, only allowed in dedicated hosting.

You expect that your Site has Many Visitors? Sometimes you can get away more profitable to hire a dedicated server as the dedicated, shared, provides a higher transfer amount and if you expect your site to have many views, downloads or users may be more economical to hire a dedicated server shared hosting with extra transfer. In short, if you want high control of the server, lots of disk space, high performance hardware and high flow network, the dedicated server is your best choice.

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