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The SEO Basics for Beginners

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What is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, is the process by which one affects the visibility of a particular website in a search engine’s unpaid search results. In a layman’s language, the process of Search Engine Optimization refers to getting in traffic to a website with the help of the natural listings on Search Engines.

In most cases, the higher a page is ranked in the searches conducted by the users of search engines, the more visibility it gets. Methods of Search Engine Optimization The three common methods of Search Engine Optimization are – Indexing – Most of the top Search Engines take the help of crawlers to crawl through web pages and find matches for their algorithmic search results.

Thus, it becomes imperative for webmasters to ensure that their pages get indexed properly so that they can feature in a Search Engine’s search.-Prevention of crawling – Webmasters can also instruct the spiders to not crawl through certain files or directories with the help of the robots.


so as to ensure that undesirable content does not get indexed by the Search Engines.-Increasing the prominence of a website – There are numerous methods that webmasters can employ to help increase the prominence of their websites within the Search results.

The simplest methods are cross referencing the different pages of the website and creating the maximum links to the most important pages, regularly updating the content of the website, choosing the proper keywords and normalization of URL’s.Search Engine Optimization as a marketing strategy The process of Search Engine Optimization may not be ideal for each and every website and there may be other strategies which can be a lot more effective in certain cases.

In most scenarios, the importance of SEO depends on the goals of the operator. One of the main advantages that SEO provides as a marketing strategy is that it allows for adequate returns on investment. However, since SEO does not include paid organic traffic, it mostly relies on natural traffic for its success. As a result, SEO only becomes an effective strategy

when it is strategically used by a Webmaster over a period of time.
Moreover, in cases where the business requires international exposure, SEO has proven to be extremely effective since it allows for instant popularity of a web site by making it feature on the top search results of the Search Engines thereby increasing traffic to the site. This increased traffic is critical to the growth and development of such sites.

To choose an SEO expert or Do it Yourselfer Experts or Search Engine Optimizers refers to an individual, firm or entity which offers webmasters and website owners with Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing services. These SEO experts employ various strategies and techniques to help increase the prominence of a web page.

Their main role is to understand the client’s needs and then prepare a set of strategies and plans to help increase the popularity of the webpage as per the requirements of the client. One of the most debated topics has been the issue of hiring SEO experts and doing it yourself. Some may argue that SEO is not really rocket science and is extremely easy to execute once an individual understands its basics.

However, the biggest advantage that professional Optimizers bring to the table are their expertise and know how which are imperative for the success or failure of any internet marketing strategy. Moreover, by hiring an SEO expert to take care of the SEO process, one can ensure that they have a lot more time for things which require their immediate attention.

Lastly, SEO experts offer their services for a considerable period of time which allows the website to feature in the top Search Results for a longer period of time. This factor is extremely important since the success of an effective SEO process does not depend only on getting the webpage to the top rankings but also in ensuring that the webpage stays there.

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