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Tips to Improving Your Photography Skills in Your Spare Time

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Yankton today’s world, everyone has a camera: on their phone, as a point-and-shoot, and even larger DSLRs are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. However, just owning a fancy camera doesn’t mean your photos will automatically be masterpieces! Photography is a skill that requires development, patience, and practice.

Not everyone has the time to study photography at a professional or full-time academic level, but that’s no reason to not have amazing photos! Here are Five Tips on improving your photography skills in your spare time.Practice! Practice, practice, practice! Get your friends together and use them as models. Go out in your backyard and capture the sun through the leaves.

Try new methods, angles, and techniques. Even if you’re just snapping pictures on your smartphone, this will help you develop your photography “eye”. See what works for you and what doesn’t, and then keep practicing! Take pictures of flowers or birds from different distances. See what looks good and what doesn’t. The more pictures you take, the more likely you are to figure out what looks good and what doesn’t. Read Your Camera Manual Ever wonder what all those buttons and settings are for.
You can discover some amazing things about your camera just by reading the manual! As you read, try out the different modes and settings on your camera to see how they work. Experiment by putting your camera in those unfamiliar settings and seeing what comes of it.


You can find some neat tricks and new ways to make your photos interesting. Take a Class One of the best way to improve your photography skills is to learn in a classroom setting, ideally with an instructor who can explain the various theories and give you specific help to your questions. Professional photographers have had many years of practice and can share great advice and tips.

If your local community center or college doesn’t offer any classes, or you need more flexibility, there are many online sites, such as, that offer quality and budget-friendly courses. You can choose courses based on what your interests are. Shooting nature and landscape will be different from shooting people, so you can choose classes based on the skills you want to learn.

Look for Inspiration Find other photographers whose style and subject matter you like. Go through their website or blog and take note of what you like about their photos. Is it the lighting? The framing? The vintage look? Identify what draws you to their work and try and replicate it in your own photos. To do this you will will need to be brave enough to experiment with different exposures and settings on your camera. Research Online Keep up on photography blogs and websites.

You can find tons of articles that address specific photography topics such as lighting, framing, RAW verses JPEG, and much more. As you read advice, you will start to understand better and be able to implement it into your own photography.

These tips may seem simple and small, but they will make a huge difference in your photography skills. Do them on one at a time, or all at once, whichever works best for you and your schedule. Remember, photography is something that takes years to master, and your techniques and tastes may change over time. Embrace your natural creativity, and enjoy the journey!

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