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What Type of Camera Equipment Does a Private Investigator Need?

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Private investigators rely heavily on cameras to document the work they do, provide proof for claims, serve as expert witnesses in court cases, and present clients with the information they need. However, it is not enough to have just a camera. Private investigators generally use not only a variety of camera types, but also an array of camera equipment and accessories.

If you are a private investigator, then you should have all of the following in your investigation arsenal: Telescopic lens camera. It’s not as important that you have a fancy camera as it is that you have a fancy lens. When you are undercover, you can’t always afford to be up close and personal with the subjects you are tracking. Therefore, you need a camera lens that can stretch your vision for a long distance.

Video camera. As you well know, it’s not always enough to get still shots of a suspect or occurrence. Sometimes only video does the trick. You don’t need a big, bulky video camera, either. Stick to the small HD versions to stay as inconspicuous as possible, while also staying as accurate as possible. Monopod and tripod.

These devices are invaluable for creating steady video recordings (which are the most useful in a court of law, and a necessity to most insurance fraud and workman’s comp cases). Anywhere you need an extra “hand” to hold your camera steady, you can mount a monopod; if you don’t have space, or the capability, to mount a monopod, then a small, portable tripod can be stood up practically anywhere, even on uneven surfaces.

Camera Equipment

DC/AC power converter. You can’t always expect your camera batteries to last as long as you need them to, and you certainly can’t afford to lose power to your camera when you might need it the most. Be sure to always carry with you a power converter that can plug your camera into your car charger in the event that your power does run out. Backup batteries. You will need these in the instances in which you don’t have access to a power supply.

Not only should you have backup batteries for your camera, but you should also have backup batteries for your charger, if applicable. Covert cameras. These are tiny cameras that are designed to look like something else (a pen, pair of glasses, keychain, or button, for example). You need several of them because they are not always reliable; because they are so small and self-contained, it is not unusual for them to record grainy video, or to use up their recording power quickly.

As a private investigator Los Angeles (or from any area), cameras, and everything that goes with them, are tantamount to your success. Make sure you have all of these in your investigation toolbox before you head out into the mean streets.

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